Nederlandse samenvatting: Onder de Lindebomen is een visuele novelle geïnspireerd door gebeurtenissen aan de Maliebaan gedurende de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Met een ziek familielid in koude winters, wat zou jij gedaan hebben? Deze ervaring is gemaakt door studenten van de Living Pasts cursus 2020-I.

Under the Lime Trees

A visual novel inspired by events on the Maliebaan during World War II. With an ill family member to support in harsh winters, what would you have done?

This experience was created by Tim Schagen (programming), Bo van Schie (script), Michiel Jekel (script) and Michael Hauwert (art) as part of the Living Pasts course 2020-I at Utrecht University.


Visual novel

You can play the visual novel itself here. We highly advise you to play this on a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile phone; not all phones currently support the framework. Please also note that the experience uses some audio effects, so we recommend you turn your sound on.

Source code

You can contribute to the framework used to create this visual novel, or write your very own.


Further reading

If you would like to learn more about what really happened on the Maliebaan, please visit